Merchandising displays for second placement

ShopDepot is taking care for the best presentation and placement of your products and trade mark at the point of sales.

The fact that up to 70% of the buying decisions are taken at the Point of Sale defines the product displays as the most important communication tool with the customer and an additional stimulus for taking a buying decision.

The second placement of your products with the professional product displays ShopDepot, makes your products and brand more noticeable, memorable and stimulates a  buying impulse.

The advantages of the display system:

•    Produced in Bulgaria from high quality PS;
•    Excellent price-quality ratio;
•    Easy installation and loading with products;
•    100% recyclable;
•    Easy to personalize and branding;
•    Important marketing medium for your product with a great impact;
•    Enlarging the presence of your products and brand in the store;
•    Stimulate the buying decision;
•     Short production and delivery terms

ShopDepot  offers a wide range of different high quality display systems for self standing or packed products.

The system proposes a flexible combination of elements and guarantees an optimal response to  your needs and space available in the shop.